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Chelsea, London

Notting Hill, London - By Freddie Ardley Photography


You would never think these beautiful states would have a problem with meth.

I have had a horrid experience dealing with BSU administration… especially their advising department. I have left countless voicemails, emails, phone calls, and now I am in classes I do not even need because I did not know that I could enrol in other classes that I know about now.. after the drop deadline. I am utterly disappointed in their system. Also why make the drop deadline right after the first week AND before the club fair?! No one said that there were classes that we needed to register for in order to join a club..

Thank you Boise State.


Time-lapse of the TARDIS in Parliament Square.

To celebrate the launch of Doctor Who Series 8, the TARDIS crash landed in London’s Parliament Square on Friday, 22nd August 2014.